HIIT Is the Fitness Trend You Never Knew You Needed

Published on 07/30/2019
HIIT Fitness

HIIT Fitness

Each and every year, a new set of magical fitness trends and buzzwords seem to leap onto the scene. As their popularity deepens, they soon become THE word on everyone’s lips. As more and more celebs, fitness gurus and friends can’t stop start raving about it, and say how they can’t live without it, you might try to ignore it. Well, you can try, but you can’t escape it, because it’s everywhere you turn. Well, recently, fitness fanatics have been raving about HIIT workouts. Maybe this is the exercise we never knew we needed? We decided to embrace it. So, move over cross-fit, this is one fitness trend that’s set to blow up even more in 2019.

What is A HIIT Workout?

Over the last year or so, the word on every fitness gurus lips has been HIIT (high intensity interval training). Loosely translated, the idea of HIIT is to push yourself to the limits with a super-efficient workout. It involves interval training, and alternating between sharp bursts of high intensity cardio and lower intensity exercises. The idea is to squeeze in shorter, calorie-busting workouts. Since no-one has time to spend hours in the gym every day, HIIT is perfect for a busy schedule and to help boost your metabolism. The catch is that you barely have time to catch your breath, as the shorter workouts are designed to be extra high intensity and extra extra exhausting.

HIIT Is Spreading Like Wildfire

HIIT is becoming so popular, that it’s gradually spreading like wildfire and being incorporated into more and more types of workouts, from yoga and pilates to skipping, spinning and swimming. So this is one trend to watch in 2019 and here are some of the top favorites:

HIIT Skipping (HIIS)

HIIS (High Intensity Interval Skipping) is the latest trend to jump onto the HIIT bandwagon. HIIS involves short, sharp bursts of skipping and it can actually help blast up to 1200 calories in just one session. Even Victoria’s Secret Angels having been raving about this exercise, and it is a pretty fun, efficient and calorie-blasting way to keep in model shape.


While some fitness fanatics struggle with the idea of loving yoga but craving the results of a HIIT session, then HIIT yoga is the perfect go-to solution. One insta-famous trainer, Alexis Novik incorporated HIIT into her yoga routine, with a mixture of yoga moves and strength training like downward dog with bursts of cardiovascular exercises like burpees and mountain climbers.

HIIT Swim Fit

Swimming gurus have even taken the HIIT workout to the pool. One of the latest crazes for 2019 is to push your muscles through a series of high-energy aqua circuits. This is extra effective because of the water resistance and you can still have some splashing fun while you’re exercising.

So, maybe it’s time to try it and see what all the fuss is about…