7 Reasons You Should Give Aerial Yoga A Try

Published on 07/04/2019
7 Reasons You Should Give Aerial Yoga A Try

7 Reasons You Should Give Aerial Yoga A Try

When it comes to fitness and health trends, it may be difficult to tell what really is good for you and what isn’t when it first becomes popular. At times, the newest fitness discovery could be a total scam and do more harm than good. Until proper research has been done on the subject, it’s best to hold off with trying the more crazy trends. However, aerial yoga is one of those trends. It isn’t so new anymore, meaning there have been studies to find out exactly whether the trend was a good one. As it turns out, it is! Aerial yoga is a great form of exercise for just about everyone. Why? You ask. Let us explain:

No Need For Previous Skills

Yoga tends to be known for its intensity and difficulty. This version, however, is great for all levels in terms of fitness. There are specific classes that are made for beginners to start their aerial yoga journey and help them learn the basics. All you need to do is find the class closest to you and go! No previous experience required.

A Great Ab Workout

A lesser-known benefit of aerial yoga is its positive effect on the abs. The reason being is that you’re off the ground, losing all your stability. Because of that, you end up using your core without even realizing it in order to keep yourself stabilized throughout the poses. Aerial yoga is an extremely effective ab workout as a result.

It’s Fun

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you truly had fun while working out? Well, to solve that problem, aerial yoga is the perfect solution. You get to suspend from a silky hammock and get your workout done all at once! It’s basically like pretending to be an acrobat for an hour and benefit from it. You can suddenly do cool gymnastic tricks that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Since it’s such a fun activity, you’re more likely to do it more often.

An Aid To Regular Yoga

Not only will aerial yoga help you improve your fitness, but it will also help you perfect regular yoga poses. The silk wrap supports you while doing more difficult poses which would be impossible on the ground. This way you’ll know how the pose should feel and when you do it on the ground, you’ll have an easier time doing it.

It’s Cardio

It might sound odd, but aerial yoga is actually great cardio. It doesn’t just strengthen the muscles, aerial yoga can burn 320 calories in 50 minutes – the same as if you would power walk for the same amount of time.


Aerial yoga is great for everyone not just because anyone can begin with no previous skills, but it’s also a no-impact workout. Meaning that people with joint pain of any kind would seriously benefit from this form of exercise since it has no impact on the problem areas and it will help build muscle.

Zen-Like State

Last but certainly not least, the best way to end an exhausting and stimulating workout is by cooling down, of course. In aerial yoga, each session ends in the savasana pose, gently swinging from side to side in the silk hammock. How relaxing does that sound?