Genius Hacks If You’re Afraid Of The Big Bad Gym

Published on 07/30/2019
Genius Motivational Hacks For Those Afraid Of The Big Bad Gym

Genius Hacks If You’re Afraid Of The Big Bad Gym

If like us, the very thought of the gym fills us with fear. Then you’re not alone. It’s intimidatingly healthy and we’re gym-phobic. For us, the gyms is like an ex that we can never break our membership with. We want to be healthy… but we’re also not so much in touch. We’ve also mastered the art of excuses, from the weather is cold to it’s lazy outside. So, in honor of ‘laziness’, we’ve developed some simple and genius motivational tips to help change our fitness habits, become more active and start to get more into shape. We’re not saying it’s going to happen over-night…it’s all about baby steps. So, check out these genius hacks for those of us who are afraid of the big bad gym.

Don’t Run…Forest

Perhaps the biggest reason we don’t exercise, is because we’re traumatized by the thought of traditional activities, like running. If you hate running, then you don’t force yourself to run, like Forest. Instead, you could try out some fun classes, like Zumba, yoga, dance, swimming, cross-fit or spinning. You could also join a sports team, go on a long walk, or ride a bike instead of a car. If you still have zero motivation, then you could sign up for a charity walk, run or bike ride, as you will be doing it all for a good cause. Even better, try a new crazy fitness trend, like animal yoga or day-breaker workout parties. Keep trying new activities, and if you find something you like, then your brain will associate the activity with positive vibes and fun, so you’ll be more likely to come back for more.


Another critical reason for our gym phobia is because we lack motivation. We might start out the year with big gym and #fitnessGoals, but we weren’t so realistic, and the thought of exercising every day is daunting. One way to get some fitness inspiration is to set yourself some small and realistic goals. Start with one or two sessions a week, or 20 minutes a day, or set a 30-day plan. Each time you complete a small goal, you’ll get some adrenaline pumping and feel good. You could even check it off your list. Once it becomes a habit, and you begin to see your progress, you’ll be more motivated and excited for the next one. You could also create an awesome playlist of pumping songs,  or find a friend to exercise with you, to give you that extra push. Another fitness hack is to follow some inspirational fitness personalities on social media, or buy some new workout clothes or pumps that you can’t wait to try out.

Move Something

You could also exercise more fun by moving whenever you can. Again, baby steps…If you have a choice between the elevator or stairs, always choose the stairs. If you’re on the phone, go for a long walk. You could even download a fitness app to count your steps daily, or just buy a dog so you have another excuse to walk every day. Another top tip is to cycle around the block instead of driving short distances. You can also walk around the house or office whenever you can. You could also dance or jump whenever you get the chance, and it won’t even feel like exercise.

Or Just Skip The Gym…

If you’re still gym phobic, then you can also just skip the gym altogether. We know, simple right! You actually don’t even have to leave your living room to exercise. You could try some simple goals like 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups every day, or watch a workout program online. Seriously, there’s plenty to choose, from 5-minute abs to 10 or 20 minute full-body workouts and for most of them you don’t need any equipment. There is also a never-ending stream of free fitness apps for workout inspiration, and you can also buy some equipment to make it more comfy to workout, like a yoga mat. If your feeling brave, you could invest in weights. Even braver, you could go outside and skip or jump, or walk…whatever suits your mood!

Becoming more active is totally possible. You just have to make it fun! So start with the baby steps… and go from there… Good luck!