Running With Your Dog? These Are The Top-Rated Leashes

Published on 07/24/2019

Going for a jog or run with your dog is the perfect way for you both to stay in shape and get some energy out. A daily dose of 20-30 minutes should be the perfect amount for you to feel the benefits, and enough to tire out the pup. Feeling unmotivated? Don’t worry, your furry sidekick’s energy and company will have you upping the mileage…and enjoying it too! For those who go for runs frequently with their dogs, you know how challenging it can be if you don’t have a proper leash or lead. Ensure your walks and runs are the best with these exercise recommended leashes. Leash em’ up and run on!

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Running With Your Dog? These Are The Top-Rated Leashes

Stunt Puppy Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash

This running leash is meant for puppies, and focuses on comfort and efficiency. The adjustable waist belt ensures your dog is running in the right spot based on your height and size. Another great feature is the 51 inch shock absorber, giving your dog a bit of freedom. Worried about gaining quick control in the event of an emergency? The traffic loop and swivel clip and buckle ensure your dog will be contained throughout the entire run.

Tuff Mutt – Hands-Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking and Hiking

This 48 inch leash from Tuff Mutt is a great hands-free option. This model is unique thanks to the gliding clip, instead of most that offer a stagnant clip. This option makes it a whole lot easier for your dog to switch sides during the run. Although we did say the leash is 48″, know that the bungee allows an extension of up to 60″! Reflective stitching and bright, bold colors make this leash a fashionable one for sure.

Roadrunner Running Dog Leash

Sometimes simple is best, take the RoadRunner leash for example. This leash keeps Fido close to you no matter what, and the strong nylon webbing means you won’t need to replace it every year. This particular leash is another sliding model, with a leash extension of up to 59″. Night runners will love the added attachable LED light…safety comes first and foremost!

Mighty Paw Hands-Free Premium Running Dog Leash

Instead of just taking your dog’s needs into account, this leash also takes the owner’s health seriously. While giving your dog freedom and comfort, your own posture will improve as you run. This gliding leash is a bit different because it easily glides over even the bulkiest of bulky clothing. Pulling will be minimized thanks to the elastic bungee, and the weather-proof material is great for all climates.

Hertzko Hands-Free Weather Resistant Dog Leash

The Hertzko leash is especially unique thanks to the 3 way adjustable system. With two sizes available, there is an option for everyone. Although the color options are limited to black, the nylon fabric has vibrant white stitches intertwined to illuminate you and your pup. Visible at night? Check!

We hope that if you and your dog are new to running as a pair, you decide on one of these great options. And if you’re a veteran, we bet these leashes will change the way you run…for the better! Remember: safety for you and your pet is crucial, as well as comfort. If these boxes are ticked, and the leash meets all of your needs…then you know it’s the right option for you!