There Are Several Reasons Why Sweating Is Good For You

Published on 07/04/2021
There Are Several Reasons Why Sweating Is Good For You

There Are Several Reasons Why Sweating Is Good For You

When you think of sweating, you probably see it as something off-putting or even gross. Most people see it in the same way, but we want to shift this perspective a little. After all, sweating is a very good thing for us and our bodies. In fact, it’s an essential function that without it, we’d be in serious danger of overheating. There are a number of benefits to sweating, so let’s discuss them and see exactly why sweating is good for us and our bodies.

Sweating Can Produce Endorphins

When you’re exercising, you tend to break a sweat once things get intense. The more you sweat, the more endorphins you’ll end up producing. Endorphines are chemicals produced by the brain that typically cause the famous ‘runner’s high’ people get after a good workout that boosts their mood. Not to mention, endorphins are a natural painkiller, so you’ll be feeling pretty great once you’re done exercising.

Sweating Cleans The Skin

Sweating does more than just cool down the body and keep it from overheating. It also cleans the skin from the inside out. When you sweat, your pores tend to open up and release toxins that the body doesn’t need. All that gunk and grime that builds up in the pores will be flushed out when you sweat. Just make sure to wash your face afterward to really reap the benefits.

Sweating Controls Your Mood

This may sound somewhat strange, but sweating can help control mood swings. After you get a good sweat, whether it’s by exercising or spending time in a sauna, you’ll have a sense of well-being and relaxation, making you feel good overall. Doing this regularly will then have a positive effect on your moods.

Sweating Helps Prevent Colds

Sweating can help prevent colds and other infections. How? Sweat contains an antimicrobial peptide named dermcidin. This helps fight infections and germs.

Sweating Regulates Your Body Temperature

The human body is more fragile than most people realize. Overheating is a risk when exercising and can be really dangerous. It’s only natural that we have a built-in cooling system – sweating. When the body sweats, it does so in order to regulate the body’s temperature and prevent overheating.

Sweating Helps The Hair

Sweating on your scalp may help unclog hair follicles, allowing for new hair to grow in. Additionally, sweating will help release any buildup inside pores on the scalp that may be stunting the growth of the hair. All the same, the buildup of salty sweat isn’t good for the hair itself. So, if you just worked out and worked up a good sweat, be sure to wash your hair afterward to prevent the buildup you don’t want.

Sweating Helps Clear The Body Of Heavy Metals

Lastly, sweating helps detoxify the body in a very specific way: by eliminating heavy metals. It’s still being researched, but so far, studies have found that sweating helps remove BPAs and PCB, both heavy metals that can cause damage to the human body.