The Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Published on 02/17/2020
The Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

The Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Having a pet is really fun, we all know that. But did you know that there are psychological and physical benefits of owning a pet? It’s true! In fact, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Having a pet is a great thing for many reasons. Aside from providing companionship to their owners, pets can become a part of the family. So, why should you have a pet?

Relieve Stress

Animals, specifically dogs, are used a lot to help people manage high-stress levels. Veterans suffering from PTSD, stressed-out medical students, and anxious kids are just a few kinds of people who experience less stress with a pet present. A study has been done in 2012 and found that people who owned dogs and that also brought them to work reported less stress over the course of the day. This was compared to people with dogs at home as well as people with no pets at all.

Encourages Physical Activity

It can be running, walking, or throwing a frisbee, but dogs encourage owners to go outside and move. Being outdoors as well as exercising can improve mental health and reduce stress. Not to mention, raise vitamin D levels.

Boost Heart Health

Believe it or not, pets can boost an owner’s heart health. It could be a result of increased physical activity. On top of that, owning a pet can lower the risk of obesity, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. All of these can have a positive impact on the heart.

Fight Allergies

Interestingly, pets can serve as a barrier against allergies. It’s been speculated that growing up with pets can strengthen the immune system and help kids build immunity against pet allergens and bacteria.

Promote Social Interaction

Having social connections is essential for peoples’ long-term health. A lot of the time, people have a difficult time creating and maintaining relationships. Luckily, pets are a great way to make new connections.

Improve Emotional Health

When people are emotionally healthy, they are resilient, self-confident, and able to develop strong, healthy relationships. One study has found that pet owners shared a lot of the same characteristics. Compared to non-pet owners, pet owners had higher self-esteem, were more extraverted, were less lonely, and were less afraid of everyday life challenges.