First-Time Runner? You Need To Do This

Published on 07/26/2019
First Time Runner You Need To Do This

First Time Runner You Need To Do This

Just like starting any new and positive habit, running takes more than just a touch of motivation. Running is one heck of a healthy way to keep in shape and to stay happy. It’s no secret that running releases positive endorphins, meaning you get more happiness for the miles you run! But before you dash out that door to get your jog on, you should check out these 5 useful tips for new runners.

Get Comfortable Shoes

You don’t need me to tell you that you should treat your feet to a comfy pair of shoes when going for a run. Having said that, running in slippers wouldn’t really be ideal, would it? Instead, you should get yourself a pair of running shoes that absorb the impact you endure during your run. This will ensure that your joints and muscles steer clear of any unnecessary injury.


Your body is like a car… like a car. Just like a car needs fuel to get it going, your body needs its own version of fuel. In our case, fuel means food and water. But more important than thinking about food (I know, it’s hard), wrap your mind around the idea that in order to run successfully without panting and spitting like a bull dog trying to lick the inside of a peanut butter jar, you’ll need to be well hydrated. Just don’t drink right before your run – nobody enjoys a side-stabbing stitch!

Measure Time Not Distance

So many new runners believe that it’s better to go for a 2-mile run rather than a 20-minute one. Experts have found that mentally, it’s more effective to go for runs that are broken down by time, and not by distance. In fact, one running expert said that he would encourage his newbie runners to leave their GPS watches at home and focus on running for the time they had set out to complete. Sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.

Take Breaks

Since your body isn’t used to running, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling exhausted quicker than a TV store’s door flies open on Black Friday . There’s nothing wrong with taking a couple of breaks, as long as you keep moving as your heart rate slows down. As soon as you feel that you can start running again, kick yourself into gear and get those legs moving.


This could be the most important tip of them all. Once you’ve completed your run, you’ll feel like a boss… or something like it. But before you jump into a well-deserved shower, you must must must stretch! What you will be doing for yourself is a favor that you’ll be grateful for the next day, the day after, and the day after that one. There’s no quicker way to fall out of a running routine than by being too stiff to ever want to hit the road again.

Build A Routine

And finally, be consistent. Now that you’ve succeeded in completing one run, prepare yourself for the next one. Use these 5 useful tips to ensure that you become a skilled runner. Who knows, you might even want to go out for a run the next time you see your new running shoes.