Insane Fitness Trends That Take Workouts To The Next Level

Published on July 27, 2019
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Mermaid Fitness

Mermaid Fitness

Every year, fitness fanatics seem to conjure up quirky trends, weird and wonderful fads, and magical ways to drive us to the gym. If like us, you think of a thousand excuses not to run, but will be first to run the trendiest hot spots, then these offbeat fitness crazes might just inspire you with the motivation you need. Thankfully in 2018 you can now get fit while unleashing your inner mermaid, jump like a kangaroo or zen out to goat yoga. In fact, working out has never been more fun! So we’ve searched far and wide to unearth the hottest, trendiest and quirkiest fitness fads on the planet. Just try not to Insta your way through the entire lesson…

Goat Yoga

What could possibly be more magical than zenning out to goat yoga. We mean, no matter how tired you are or how long your day has been, the prospect of rolling out your yoga mat to practice downward dog with a baby goat by your side, is just the motivation we needed. Yoga is the perfect way to strengthen and tone, unwind from a long day and get your zen on. But if you add a baby goat into the equation then you might just forget you’re even exercising. And it doesn’t have to be just goats, you can spice up your yoga routine with any animal, from dogs to cats to your nearest rabbit. You could even make a YouTube career out of the video, so what’s not to love…

Unleash Your Inner Mermaid

So Disney fairy tales can come true. One of the hottest crazes to hit the pools is mermaid classes. Yes, you heard that right… You can now unleash your inner Disney character with a fun and dynamic 60-minute aqua-fitness class. The best part is you get to make a splash while wearing a mermaid’s tail. Perfect for a themed pool party with friends or as a quirky fitness trend, you’ll get to learn a host of synchronized swimming techniques. They even allocate time at the end of the class to take your new profile picture, so make sure you make space on your camera…

Wine Yoga Parties

If animal yoga wasn’t enough motivation to get you to the gym, then yoga parties with wine might be the perfect craze for you. Yes, we can now combine two of our favorite hobbies, wine and relaxing. You can actually now infuse wine into any activity, but wine and yoga classes are fast becoming one of the most popular fitness trends and posing and pouring classes are spreading like wildfire. It’s actually the perfect pairing, and it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, from wine tasting and yoga events in vineyards to wine and yoga parties or even wine and yoga retreats, so you better find your yoga pants.

Daybreaker Parties: Dance Till You Drop

If you love the freedom of dancing the night away but you also want to get fit, then Daybreaker parties offer the perfect combination. The Daybreaker phenomenon has now spread to around 25 countries and this is only set to soar. The parties usually start at the break of dawn where you can slowly wake up with one hour yoga and a fitness experience. Then you can dance like no-one is watching and shake and sweat for two hours before work. The organizers promise that you’ll feel so energised that you won’t even need alcohol, so you can dance till you drop, still make it to work and everyone wins. See you on the dancefloor!

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