The Best Meditation Apps To Calm Your Body And Mind

Published on 05/03/2021

Meditation is a great way to release stress and relax your body and mind. Many people mainly focus on their nutrition and sports, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. But a healthy lifestyle should also include a calm mind. With these meditation apps, you are going to be stress-free and relaxed in no time!

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The Best Meditation Apps To Calm Your Body And Mind



Breethe is a meditation app, that is perfect for everyone who is short on time! The app advises its users, to use it only around 5 minutes per day. Besides calming nature sounds and music playlists, the app also offers its users inspirational and motivational talks as well as breathing lessons and even some nice calming bedtime stories, so you can fall asleep quickly after a busy day. The app is available for free, however for a small surcharge you can get many additional features.

MyLife Meditation

The app “Mylife Meditation” is another great app, that is actually reacting to your current mood state. The app is based on emotions, meaning every day you can tell the app how you feel. Based on your emotions, the app will offer you a variety of ways to deal with it, such as breathing videos, meditation videos, yoga videos, as well as music playlists and sound meditation. The app wants to help its users to reduce stress, have quite a sleep and overall be in a peaceful state of mind and reduce stress.


As the name already gives it away, “iBreathe” is an app that is completely focused on breathing. The app is available for iPhones and has a great average rating of 4.9 stars. The app offers you breathing cycles and techniques, but lets you fully take control of the length and the breathing techniques used during your session. This app is great for everyone who like to have a busy and stressful days and needs some time to calm down and reload.


Whil is an amazing app, that aims to teach teens and young adults how to deal with stress, anxiety, fear and so on. It not only teaches you ways to reduce your stress/anxiety/fear level, but also wants to teach its users the bad influence stress has on your body. The app will provide you with great and easy tricks, you can use throughout your life to reduce stress and have a good and positive attitude.

Petit BamBou

Petit Bambou is a mindfullness app for children. It offers a variety of mediation classes, that are available in many languages, such as German, English, Spanish and co. The app aims to help the children already from a small age on, to be calm and listen to one’s body. Petit Bambou offeSo instead of giving your child a cartoon show to watch, you should definitely try the “Mindfullness With Bambou App”.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a very special meditation app. Every day, 10 more meditation practices are added to your profile. They also offer you playlists fitted to your profile description as well as anxiety and stress exercises. Furthermore, the app gives you the opportunity to take part in community discussions etc.