Vein Gymnastics: 6 Exercises That Promote Blood Circulation

Published on 07/21/2021

Do you tend to have varicose veins? In order to prevent the occurrence of venous circulatory disorders and vascular diseases such as thrombosis in the legs, embolism or varicose veins, in addition to a healthy diet (and not smoking) and drinking enough water, a lot of exercises is important for you. Only 10 min of exercise a day can improve your vein function, and we will show you how.

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Vein Gymnastics: 6 Exercises That Promote Blood Circulation

Foot Circles In The Air

Lie on your back on an exercise mat, soft rug, or couch. Place your arms loosely next to your upper body and put one leg in the air, the other straight up. Now draw a circle in the air with your outstretched foot. Lower the leg again and do the exercise with the other leg/foot. Do five repetitions for each leg, drawing the circle clockwise five times and counterclockwise five times.


Sit on your mat or your sofa and bend your legs. It is best to put pillows in your back or support yourself with both hands with your upper body leaning slightly backward. Then place one foot on your heel and the other on your toes. Rock your feet by quickly switching positions.

Cycling While Lying Down

Lie on your back (on a mat or sofa) and move your upward stretched legs up and down as if you were pedaling your bike in mid-air. Move your feet vigorously. With a little practice, you can also do the leg movements backward. Pause after 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise. Alternatively, you can only cycle with one leg and keep the other bent on the ground – then change positions after a short while.

Support Straightener

Kneel down – preferably on an exercise mat, or alternatively on a sofa that is as hard as possible. Bend forward and prop your forearms on the floor while lowering your head. Now stretch one leg up and also pull the toes of your foot up. The head, torso, leg and foot should now form a straight line (diagonal). The other leg remains in the knee position.

Draw An Eight

The following exercise can be done well while sitting: alternately draw a figure eight with your left and right big toe on the floor or in the air with your leg extended.

Avoid Standing

Sitting and standing for long periods of time promotes thrombosis while walking and lying down reduces the risk. So make sure you get enough exercise and put your feet up occasionally.

Consult With Expert

If you often suffer from heavy, tired legs or generally have severe symptoms such as pain or swelling, you should always consult a doctor first! Anyone who has already had a thrombosis has a higher risk of another blood clot and should pay particular attention to preventive measures. A doctor can clarify possible illnesses and order suitable therapy and any medication that may be necessary. He will also be happy to advise you on the use of compression stockings.