Gym Pet Peeves We Can All Relate To

Published on 01/09/2020
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Gym Pet Peeves We Can All Relate To

After pushing it off for days, weeks, maybe even months, getting to the gym is a moment to be incredibly proud of. That’s why we want this experience to be a pleasant one, rather than rushing to get out of there. Unfortunately, there are little things that happen during our workout that make us want to leave immediately. Read this list and we’re positive you’ll relate to at least one of these annoying experiences.

The Hoverers

We know there is only enough equipment to go around, but does it sound logical to stand over someone until they finish their set? If I just sat down with my weights, don’t ask me how much I have left! Wait your turn and eventually, I will finish, but stop pressuring me or I will take my sweet time. It’s understandable not to spend one hour on a machine but even 10 minutes is okay so don’t feel pressured to rush your workout. The worst thing you can do is hover over someone, so if you’re someone who does this, just stop.

Loud Music

It is so annoying when you’re busting out to your own music when suddenly the gym decides to increase its volume. Is this really necessary? Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves with their headphones in so why do they feel the need to blast their own music, that by the way include commercials! Sometimes I even stop my personal music but then my workout is interrupted every time a commercial plays. Here’s a tip to all you gym owners: LOWER THE VOLUME!

Gym Owners

This is something that really gets me going. For those who are serious about their workouts, it makes sense that you don’t decide on the first gym you visit. You have to try them out, see if it’s a good fit and this is completely reasonable. Gym owners, you need to understand this! Stop calling every single day to ask when we’re signing up and offering us your “incredible deals.” We will sign up when we’re ready! One time a gym kept calling me, so on purpose, I didn’t sign up to their gym!

Clean Up After Yourself

It’s not the end of the world if you get a few drops of sweat on a machine, but if you work so hard that you leave a waterfall of sweat behind you, then simply clean it up. It isn’t rocket science, nobody wants to work out in your lingering sweat so all you need to do is clean up your body fluids and we are good to go!

The Socializers

Listen, some of us come to the gym to talk and others come to workout. If you’re anything like me than you can relate to this. While I am in my zone running on the treadmill or even doing an intense core workout, I don’t want someone bothering me trying to chat in the middle. Whether you’re a stranger or even a friend, say hi and that’s the end. I have no problem speaking afterward, but I don’t go to the gym to exercise my mouth.